Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spycamgate Update: Getting worse and worse

Some time has passed since the last time I mentioned Spycamgate, the case of the rural Pennsylvania school at which an assistant principal was secretly activating the cameras built into the school-distributed laptops and watching kids in their bedrooms at home.
Security Mangement magazine is reporting that it’s worse than initially thought. It seems that on discovery during the civil suit already underway, over 400 images of one student have been found on the vice principal’s computer. These out of what appear to be thousands of photos of several students. Some show these children sleeping.

Some show these children changing clothes.

E-mails regarding the practice of spying on children between the vice principal and others have come to light. Someone told her that it’s like watching a soap opera. Her response? “I know. I love it!"

They’re currently contacting other parents to tell them that a vice principal has been using their kids school-issued laptops as a personal peep show. There may be a class action suit shortly thereafter, and there is still a criminal investigation being considered.